Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide customized training?
Yes, we can customize a financial training program that meets your particular needs.

Where do the trainings take place?
We can provide training either at your location or off site.

Who should take the 4 Part Training Program?
1. Companies who already offer training programs to their employees are the best candidates. If you are already committed to developing your workforce, why not offer financially literacy that directly improves the company's profits?

2. Companies who are dedicated to remaining competitive and profitable in any economic environment. When every employee understands how their actions affect the profits of the company, they can actively become a part of profitable solutions.

3. Leadership teams. Leaders must truly understand and use business finance effectively everyday to create profitable organizations. Old budgeting methods are no longer successful in today's economic environment.

Is it important to take all 4 parts of the training program?
Yes. We want your leaders and employees to truly master business finance so they are willing, able and motivated to cut your costs and improve your profits. Every part of our 4 Part Training Program is essential for success.

Why is it important for all employees to understand Business Finance?
Employees spend the money in budgets, not executives. They usually know the best way to solve problems, be efficient, save money and produce superior results for your customers. Armed with knowledge of Business Finance, they can connect their everyday actions to the profits of the company.

The IFM Business Finance training not only provides a useful understanding of the subject, our unique approach trains and motivates employees to think and act like investors. Employees spend money, investors work to create return on investment.