About IFM

The Institute for Financial Mastery is dedicated to increasing the financial knowledge of every person to improve the profitability of companies and live more financially secure lives.

The Truth About Finance:
1. There is a severe lack financial education from either our schools or our parents.
2. Many people who took business classes in college where never trained to use finance effectively.
3. Most people responsible for creating and managing budgets don't understand Business Finance.
4. Very few training companies offer Personal Financial courses. Even fewer offer Business Finance training.
5. Many MBAs don't understand Business Finance.
6. Employees don't connect their paycheck to their employer's profits.

The recent economic events have highlighted the severe lack of understanding of finance. At IFM, we have a passion for all things finance and a unique talent for transferring that passion to others so that they can improve their lives and companies.

IFM was founded by Noelle Nitz who has over 17 years experience working with companies. As a CFO consultant, she has trained business owners, executives, managers and even union employees how to use finance to create profits and cash flow.

What Makes Us Different
  • We start with Personal Finance because we know that it impossible to understand Business Finance without it.
  • Our trainings are highly interactive instead of instructive. We get our audiences fully engaged in the training by addressing things that happen in their everyday lives.
  • Our training is designed with the specific intent to be used immediately and long after it's over.
  • We methodically and organically guide our classes through the process of thinking like investors who are motivated to create return on investments.
  • Every training includes a budgeting session in which we help your employees find costs savings and profit opportunities right in your own company's budget.
  • There is no other training program that aims to find clients money as a part of the training process.